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Alexander McQueen Lightweight Sport Shirt

I paused for a few seconds when I saw this, paused not stopped. It’s not repulsive, neither is it tacky. It’s just unnecessary. It’s like one of those items where you’re in the middle of the fence but you buy anyway because it’s hugely discounted and you think you might make use of it someday. But that someday never came and you end up throwing it out after a few years wondering just why you bought it in the first place.

I’ve been trying to figure out just where it would be appreciate to to wear sheer shirts – definitely not at work (because your colleagues don’t need or want to see so much of you), or on a date or to dinner parties. So I guess a night on a town? That would still be pushing it a little too much.

It’s just that I don’t get the fully intentional sheerness of the fabric; why? I know it’s supposed to be lightweight and humidity-friendly but that doesn’t mean you save on fabric, it just means you use a higher thread count variety. And where would you wear this to? I don’t think it is appropriate to show your nipples on most occasions and you would definitely be showing and telling the upper half of your body with this shirt. No matter how modern it looks, save the negligee for the bedroom please. Plus, the sheerness of the fabric means you do have to ensure you have a decent, toned body because the shirt doesn’t hide much or anything at all.

The white contrast button is cute and goes well with the navy but that’s hardly even enough to redeem this shirt. Perhaps you’re supposed to layer it over a tee but then I don’t think that was ever the intention when this was designed.

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