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Perfecting the Art of Betting

Since ancient times, mankind has attracted gambling. For the first written hint that can be equated to gambling was the creation of the universe according to walled mythology, when Zeus, Hades, Poseidon divided the world by throwing dice. Even to this day in the Egyptian pyramids (3500 BC) one can see the drawings of a man playing a primitive version of the bones, where the bones of a sheep replaced the game bones. What is surprising is that scientists brought that even then the Ancient Egyptians had a problem with immoderation in gambling.

Excitement in our genes

Prevalence and magnitude of gambling forces us to answer the question: “Where do people come from this innate propensity to gamble?” For hundreds and even thousands of years, the human ability to bear the risk determined the ability to survive in the wild and difficult conditions. Currently, the willingness to bear the risk at the poker table or playing roulette is mainly due to financial aspects, although for many people, gambling is just an entertainment or a hobby. With the help of the PPH Bookie you can win it.


Start of sports betting and horse racing

Before the era of bookmakers, popularity throughout the world had unofficial bets on the outcomes of sporting events. American colonists at a very fast pace spread sports betting in the New World. For example, in those days, popular street fighting or cock fighting began to be organized. It is accepted, however, that it is true that sports betting began from horse racing, which became a professional sport in the early 18th century for the governments of the English Queen Anne.

According to an unofficial source, the first bets on horse racing were taken as early as the 17th century, it was mainly betting prisoners between friends and relatives. The first bookmakers appeared two hundred years later. In the 19th century, interest in the classic Derby or Art Ledger, which led to the fact that rich families have begun to increasingly place high stakes among themselves.

  • Characteristic in those days were The Horse Racing Pool bets, but they were intended only for very rich people. In the first half of the 19th century, the first sweepstakes appeared in Great Britain; in London itself, there were about 400 sweepstakes. Unfortunately, all bookmakers were illegal, since in 1853 a law banning the opening of offices across the country came out. Should notice

The famous breed of English thoroughbred horses (“thoroughbreds”), a descendant of the oldest breed of horses in the world-purebred Arabian horses. For a long time before the races in the UK, endurance runs were very popular in Arab countries, in which the racers overcame great distances in the deserts of the Arabian Peninsula. From the time of the XII eternal Crusaders, fast Arabian horses were imported to Britain, where they were crossed with English nags, and so the English breed of thoroughbred horses appeared, which combines speed and endurance.

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